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All-Star Shame

SInce I began watching baseball, I always understood that the All-Star Game was a big deal. That the players that were a part of it were some of the very best that baseball had to offer. As I grew up and started paying attention to stats. I noticed that every single year, tons of deserving players have been snubbed each year. This year, however, had the most unbelievable snubs out of all the years that I can think of.

Joey Votto-The number one snub in my mind is Votto. I guess leading the league in OPS and ranking near the top of every other offensive stat doesn’t get you what it used to! I do understand that he is playing a tough position to get recognition. Albert Pujols is going to get voted in every year, Adrian Gonzalez was the lone representative of the Padres (More on that later), and Manager Charlie Manual picked his first baseman Ryan Howard.
Jeff Weaver– “The Dream Weaver” has been snubbed for what in my count is the third year in a row. The fact that he was a snub before should be enough reason to give him a bid. Weaver is leading the league in strike outs, and is tied in the league for quality starts. He is also among the top ten in both WHIP and ERA. Oh and by the way, this game is being played in his home stadium. Definitely deserved a spot over Fausto Carmona, CC Sabathia, or Phil Hughes.
Miguel Olivo– Olivo is hitting .070 points higher, has 8 more home runs, and has an ops of almost .300 points more than the voted starter at catcher, Yadier Molina. Olivo is leading all National League catchers in batting average, slugging percentage, home runs, and OPS. 
San Diego Padres Pitching Staff– The fact that out of starters Mat Latos, Jon Garland, Clayton Richard, and reliever Heath Bell not one member of the Padres’ pitching staff made it is a joke. I cannot remember the last time a first place team had only one representative.
Other mistakes
Michael Young deserved a spot as reserve third baseman over Alex Rodriguez. But of course with Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi managing the team, who didn’t see this one coming?
David DeJesus is hitting .324 and has an OBP near .440. Where is he?
The lone Orioles’ representative should have been outfielder Nick Markakis not Ty Wiggington.
Brennan Boesch is having the season that everybody expected Jason Heyward to have as a rookie. Boesch is hitting near .350 with an OPS around 1.000. By far the best offensive rookie in the Major Leagues.
I understand the at least one player-per-team rule, but Arizona’s Chris Young and Houston’s Michael Bourn should had been picked over outfielders like Colorado’s Carlos Gonzalez, Washington’s Josh WIllingham, Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen, or Philadelphia’s Jayson Werth.
Those are only a few of the many mistakes made while filling out these two teams.